Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy sets forth the rules for storage and access to information on User's Devices using cookie files by Moleo Sp. z o.o., owner of the internet shop available at

1. Definitions

Controller - shall mean Moleo Sp. z o.o. with its registered address in Warsaw at ul. Maryli 17, 02-842 Warsaw, entered into the commercial register held by the District Court in Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division under KRS number 0000533770, NIP (tax identification number) 5213684002, REGON (Business Identification Number) 3602991647, which provides electronic services, stores and gains access to information on User's Devices. 

Cookies - shall mean IT data, and in particular small text files written to and stored on Devices, which the User makes use of when browsing pages of the Website. Cookies make it possible for a website to recognise the User's computer, facilitate websites navigation for Users, are needed for certain functions to be available and also transfer data to website owners.

Controller’s Cookies - shall mean Cookies used by the Controller, associated with the provision of electronic services by the Controller via the Website. 

External Cookies - shall mean cookies used by the Controller's partners via the Website. 

Terms and Conditions - shall mean the shop Terms and Conditions.

Website - shall mean the website where the Controller runs its internet services, under the domain name

Device - shall mean an electronic end device used by the User to access the Website. 

User - a person using the Website.

2. Types of cookies in use

I. The cookies used by the Controller are safe for the Users’ Devices. In particular, it is not possible for viruses, unwanted software or malware to infect Users’ devices through cookies. These files make it possible to identify the software in use by the User and personalise the Website to match the individual preferences of every User. Usually cookies contain the domain name from which they originate, the storage period on the target Device and an assigned value. 

The Controller uses two types of cookie files:

1. Session cookies are saved on the User’s Device and remain thereon for the duration of the session for the given browser. Then the saved information is permanently deleted from the Device;

2. Persistent cookies: are saved to the User’s Device and remain there until deleted or are deleted automatically after a certain time. Terminating a session in the given browser or shutting down the Device do not delete the cookies from the User’s Device.

The Website uses three types of cookies:

a. Necessary - required for the Website to function correctly, facilitating navigating around the website and using its elements. If these cookies are not accepted or if they are deleted use of the Website may be hindered or impossible. It is not possible to identify Users through these cookies. The data is collected and aggregated anonymously;

b. Performance - these provide information about the interaction between the Website and the Users, including information about the areas visited, the time Users spend on a page and problems encountered whilst browsing the Website. They are sued to improve and enhance Website efficiency. Users can not be identified via these files. Failure to accept these cookies may result in the way the Website functions and may hinder access to the sire or restrict its contents.

c. Functional - these make it possible to remember choices (language, items in the basket) and deliver a more personalised service, make it possible to view films and animations. Data collected in Cookies may facilitate identifying Users within the scope of data which is made available my them (e.g. user name). Failure to accept or deletion of these cookies may impact Website performance and functioning of the site and also limit the available contents.

3. What cookies are used for

The Controller uses Cookies to authenticate a user on the Website and to make it possible for a user to have a session on the Website, and in particular to:

a) maintain the Website User's session (once logged in), thanks to which there is no need for the User to re-enter their login and password on every page of the Website;
b) correctly configure Website's selected functions, and in particular to verify whether a browser's session is authentic.

II. The Controller uses Cookies to perform the processes required to deliver all the functions of websites, and in particular to:

a) adopt website content to the User’s preferences and optimise the browsing experience. In particular these files are used to recognise the Website User’s end device basic parameters and display the website correctly, adjusted to their individual needs.

b) remember items added to the basket with the aim of processing the order;

c) remember details entered into order forms, surveys or Store log-in details.

III. The Controller uses its own Cookies in order to perform analyses, tests and to carry out a visit audit and in particular to compile statistics which help in the understanding of how Website Users use web pages, which facilitates the improvement of their structure and content.

IV. Cookies are not used by the Controller to extract any personal data or any confidential data from the User’s Device. The Controller does identify Users on the basis of information collected from the Users' Cookies.

V. The Controller uses External Cookies of the Controller's partners via the Website for statistical and analytical purposes. The data collected using External Cookies are subject to privacy policies of third parties. As such they remain outside of any indirect or direct control of the Controller.

4. Opportunity to define Cookies' storage conditions and access rules

I. According to the regulations in force consent, cookies may be accepted by configuring the browser. In many cases software used to browse internet sites has the option to store cookie files on the User's end device by enabled default.

II. The User may, independently and at any time, change cookie settings, defining their storage on and access to the User's Device. The User may change the aforementioned settings by changing the settings of their browser or during configuration. These settings may in particular be changed so as to block automatic use of cookies within the browser settings or to inform every time a cookie is stored on the Website User’s device.

III. For more information on the options and methods for using cookie files see your software settings (web browser).

IV. The User may delete cookies at any time using their browser. In order to configure you browser's settings follow the instructions below or use the browser's help function. Instructions for changing cookies settings (most popular browsers):

1. Internet Explorer
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Chrome
4. Opera
5. Safari

V. Limiting the use of cookies or failure to accept cookies altogether may affect some functions available from the Website. If users choose this option, functions on the Website which do not require cookies will still remain available.

VI. In a User uses various Devices to browse the Website, then ensure each browser on every device is configured according to their preferences.

VII. For detailed information on the cookies used by the Controller see below:

a) Statistical;

b) Analytical;

c) Reports;

5. Cookies information

I. For more information on cookies as well as general information on cookies and how files are managed in a computer visit the or websites.

This page uses cookie files to provide its services in accordance to Cookies Usage Policy. You can determine conditions of storing or access to cookie files in your web browser.